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A Chorus Line

City of Plymouth Theatre CompanyDevonport Playhouse, 14th – 18th October  2014

A Chorus Line is an unusual musical in which there is no lead. The dance routines are intertwined with songs about the dancer’s origins as they fight for their place in a show. The roles of all those auditioned are equal.

Throughout the show many of the characters are required to perform badly to look as if they are learning the dance routines. This takes considerable skill and was a success in creating a believable rehearsal. Jodie Wheeler as Kristine had the hardest job of all because her role required her to sing off key in ‘Sing!’.

Thaila Kelly as Val received the biggest cheer for her song ‘Dance: Ten; Looks; Three’ which gave an honest and amusing outlook on the world of show business.

Paul San Marco performed an intense and powerful monologue. The audience was captivated as he commanded the stage, alone. The light slowly dimmed until only a spotlight was on him, enhancing this dramatic and moving libretto.

Sheila (Jo McCarthy) was the oldest to audition and the sassiest, with her suggestive nature and confidence. However she told us of her unhappy childhood, in the song ‘At the ballet’ which had some pleasing harmonies between the female characters.

The band transformed from Dixieland to something more modern. They also had impeccable timing, having to interact with Zach (Peter Agnew) and play on command.

The final number, ‘One’, was performed with unison and precision. The iconic mirrors and slick, memorable dance moves made this number excellent. The costumes were also eye-catching, with all company members in matching gold tuxedoes.

Overall this was an applaudable performance of a tricky musical, directed and choreographed by Katy O’Brien.

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