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A Christmas Carol

Plymkids Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 28th – 30th November 2013

The Plymkids took to the stage in their masses yet again to produce ‘A Christmas Carol’. The cast provided the perfect combination of singing, dancing and Christmas cheer with the exception of Mr Bah Humbug, Ebenezer Scrooge.

Scrooge was played by Isaac Elder who portrayed a character far older than himself. He performed the slow transformation in Scrooge’s character perfectly. He started as an extremely grumpy old skinflint and ended as a joyous changed man. This was thanks to a visit from the three spirits who contrasted with each other as tradition dictates. The Ghost of Christmas Past (Robyn Westcott) was a serene vision in white who sang beautifully whereas the Ghost of Christmas Present (Harry Youngs) was a bright, jolly character who put a smile on everyone’s face. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come was presented in an unusual yet effective way. The Ghost was a large prop which loomed over Scrooge creating a spooky atmosphere.

Bob Cratchit (Aaron Lewis) and Tiny Tim (Daniel Brookes) worked brilliantly together as father and son. Bob gave a heartfelt performance showing he cared for his son. Tiny Tim definitely had the ‘awww’ factor and had an excellent singing voice to go with it.

Plymkids still had some problems with the use of microphones. These were both technical and due to misuse by the actors. A few lessons on how to correctly use microphones would easily solve this problem. Plymkids were performing to a backing track which therefore meant an empty stage with the overture playing left the audience chattering among themselves.

As always every single cast member gave their best performance bringing extra sparkle to a magical Christmas show.

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