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A Clockwork Orange

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‘A Clockwork Orange’ was thought too controversial when released as a film, causing it to be removed from British film release for 27 years. This alone gives insight into the type of performance The Actor’s Wheel have devised.

The audience are transported into a world of gangs and uncertainty. The characters spoke in a strange yet understandable tongue called ‘nadsat’, explained in the play as a blend of English and Russian. This language was fascinating and added to the macabre circus vibe of the production.

Alex (Ashton Corbin) was our narrator for the evening, telling us about the ups and downs of his life. The world Alex and his gang were living in seemed to be an alternative universe and yet there were familiar parallels with our own.

In particular, one parallel which caused laughter was the character of the Prison Chaplain (Ashleigh Reynolds). He spoke with the familiar sing-song tone of a man of the church. He was a point of realism in an unmoral and bizarre world. It was as if he was the connection to our world, especially when fighting for Alex’s rights against his questionable colleagues.

The actors transformed into many different characters, depicting everyone Alex met throughout his life. This included some of the performers transforming into cats, after appearing to be posing as furniture.

There were many dance elements to this play. The scene in which Alex commits his first major crime has classical music blaring out and a lyrical yet commanding style of dance to portray the crime.

This performance will have you engaged throughout and yet wanting to look away from the dark alternative world of ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

Touring –  17-19 May The Desmond Tutu Theatre Plymouth, 1 June Jacksons Lane London, 2 June The Gate Arts Centre Cardiff, 8 June Z-Arts Manchester, 9 June Rondo Theatre Bath, 10 June Barbican Theatre Plymouth.

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