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Am Dram Antics

Sounds Musical Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 14th October 2017

Sounds Musical Theatre Company presented their annual revue as a hilarious play called Am Dram Antics. This production gave the audience an insight into the goings-on leading up to a performance and the dramas that happen backstage. From love affairs to dramatic divas, these larger than life characters presented a fun evening of entertainment.

First we meet the committee who are discussing their next production. The treasurer played by Debbie Jarman shyly steps forward to admit she has always wanted to be a producer. Debbie wonderfully executed the character transformation while singing ‘I Want To Be A Producer’ where she changes from a shy be-spectacled accountant to a Broadway babe in her sequined dress. She suddenly remembers herself at the end of the number and gives in to her shy personality.

There were plenty of cheeky songs and jokes in Am Dram Antics, especially from Dastardly Dick played by Leigh Jarman. He is the womanizer of the company and sings ‘I’m Not Wearing Any Underwear Today’ which had the audience crying with laughter, especially once the male ensemble had joined in and were wiggling their bottoms to the audience! They may not have been wearing any underwear but at least they still had their trousers on. It took several minutes for the audience to stop laughing after this number.

The ensemble gathered together to sing ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight?’. This presented Sounds Musical at their best. The female ensemble and male ensemble blended their voices beautifully producing a full yet pleasantly soft sound creating an intimate atmosphere.

Everyone played a strong part, perhaps they had created their characterisations from real life experience. I shall leave that up to you to decide but one thing is certain the audience thoroughly enjoyed the show and this was a novel way to present a revue.

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