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Anything Goes

Sounds Musical Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 26th – 29th March 2014

Sounds Musical Theatre Company perform Cole Porter’s ‘Anything Goes’ and take us back to the roaring 20s. This show features a farcical style of humour which is timeless and excitingly fast paced. Anything Goes is set aboard the S.S. America, therefore the scenes were mainly on deck. However the stage transformed simply and effectively for the occasional scene in the cabins.

All the lead roles were well cast. Leigh Jarman as Moonface Martin was a master of the humorous ditty and played the perfect hapless gangster. Tracey Yelland who played Erma was stylistically very accurate, playing another American gangster with a way with the fellas. At the other end of the spectrum was Lord Evelyn Oakleigh played by Adam Connolly who was a proper English gentleman. However he revealed another side to his character which was portrayed with much hilarity.

The show includes a number of popular jazz standards such as ‘I get a kick out of you’ and of course the title song ‘Anything Goes’, both had the audience humming long. However the lesser known, full company numbers such as ‘Blow Gabriel Blow’ were very successful with every cast member singing out, confessing their sins.

The whole company came together to perform a tap dance with chorus members and dancers tapping side by side to music provided by the orchestra. The orchestra was lively and full of jazzy spice lead by Jenny George’s talented hand.

At times the sound balance could have been improved and some actors tended to walk to and fro on stage a little too much.

Overall it was a fresh and exciting rendition of a little performed show. I hope Sounds Musical will revive another forgotten hit in the future.

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