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Applause, Applause!

City Of Plymouth Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 14th– 17th November 2018

To celebrate 30 years at the Devonport Playhouse, City Of Plymouth Theatre Company opened its curtains to ‘Applause, Applause’, a musical revue featuring songs from previous shows performed by the company.

The show opened with a spectacular tap dance number from 42ndStreet. With so many talented actors and dancers involved in this company, the large dance routines seem to have become a speciality of theirs. We were treated to dynamic dance numbers throughout in a range of styles.

Many of the actors returned to the roles they had played in the original run of the shows. We re-lived magical moments such as Sam Wilson’s Top Hat solo and Katy O’Brien’s performance of ‘I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair’ accompanied by the female members of the company.

Talking to company members and audience members, it seems Fiddler on the Roof was a particularly successful and memorable production. Having begun reviewing after this performance, I was delighted to see a medley of the songs had been included in this show. The entire cast entered the stage in period dress, dancing and singing ‘Tradition’. The cast members were able to re-capture the magic of this production.

It was a shame that more instrumentalists weren’t involved in the band for this show, as even within the five years I have been reviewing I have heard a range of musicians play wonderful accompaniments to the productions.

We were treated to a fabulous range of numbers from timeless classics such as South Pacific to modern musicals such as Legally Blonde. With so many fantastic shows under their belt, the producers did a great job of choosing the night’s musical selection. The songs flowed from one to another thanks to an excellent lighting crew. If you are a fan of musical theatre, you are sure to know many of the songs featured in ‘Applause, Applause’!

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