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Beauty and the Beast

City of Plymouth Youth Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 14th – 15th November 2014

City of Plymouth Youth Theatre Company perform Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’, with all the favourite songs and lovable characters.

Belle, played by Erin Smith, had a sweet singing voice and delivered her lines with clarity.
The imposing set design and dramatic narration showed the darker side of the tale. The live action meant the audience could feel Belle’s fear and cowered at the power of the Beast (Malta Gerhmann).

To contrast with this, the Beast’s servants were very amusing. All gave strong characterisation and made the audience believe they were slowly turning into objects. Joshua Coleman and Christian Livesy performed as double act Cogsworth and Lumiere. The two actors complimented each other and were not always good at following their master’s orders which made them all the more loveable. The costumes for these characters were cleverly designed and gave the audience a clear idea of each object. The ensemble dressed as cutlery and dishes, led by Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts (Louise Parkinson), Chip (Faye Watson-Gavin), Babette (Amelia Green) and Madame De La Grande (Alice Hood) performed an exciting and vibrant rendition of ‘Be our Guest’.

Gaston (Sam Morcom) attempts to win Belle’s hand with his good looks and muscles. He was suitably arrogant and couldn’t understand why Belle turned him down. After all, the ‘Silly Girls’ were distraught when they found out he didn’t want to marry any of them. Gaston’s friend Lefou (Joseph Hewitt) was nimble on his feet and proved himself an accomplished dancer.

The whole company were energetic and enthusiastic throughout, creating a polished and enjoyable performance.

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