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Blindsighted is a play devised by The Actor’s Wheel in response to Oedipus. We are introduced to a travelling father and daughter. She wants him to tell her his story but he is reluctant to delve into suppressed thoughts and feelings.

Bringing in themes of information sharing and finding truth, the actors not only explored the story of Oedipus but also related it to today’s over-sharing society. Seeing the spread of a social media post through a physical act proved just how frighteningly fast information is spread, whether it be true or false.

The company conveyed much of their emotion through differing levels of sound. The deafening shouting caused by fear or panic was met with the shocking silence of hope. The actors where seeking answers, with questions flying around the room and listened intently when answers were given.

The company will be showcasing ‘Blindsighted’ in Greece which means the performance must be able to be understood by people with English as an additional language or no knowledge of English. Therefore the acting style is physical which has always been a skill The Actor’s Wheel have excelled at.

The actors begin by weaving paths with salt. One actor lay the path and the other followed creating a stunning visual metaphor of the over-riding message. The actors follow their destiny as if it is a physical path. If you had taken a photograph at any moment during this scene, you would have produced something beautiful.

The only question that remains; is it possible to change your destiny?

Blindsighted returns to Plymouth on the 22nd April with a final performance at the Barbican Theatre.

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