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Broadway and Beyond

Sounds Musical Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 13th October 2018

Sounds Musical Theatre Company present Broadway and Beyond, a selection of musical numbers from composers such as Cole Porter and Cy Coleman.

Among songs from Cabaret, High Society and Anything Goes we were treated to a segment from Flanagan and Allen. Popular during WWII, this double act had many successes including ‘Run Rabbit’ and ‘Underneath The Arches’ which were enjoyed by all, particularly the older members of the audience who happily sang along when invited.

The second act launched on a high note with ‘The Rhythm Of Life’ from Sweet Charity which featured the ensemble dressed in their best hippie outfits. The energy of this number continued throughout many of the songs featured in the second act.

In places the performance lacked the appropriate tempo. Some of the numbers felt slower in pace than the composer intended and without a brass or wind section to back up the singers, this tended to make them fall a little flat.

Having said that, in the more dynamic choices of ensemble songs, the company showed their true strength. SMTC is certainly at its best when singing in harmony as an ensemble. In particular, the arrangement of ‘Big Spender’ from Sweet Charity was especially clever and enjoyable. While one section of performers sang the melody, the other section filled in with the parts which would have been played by an orchestra.

Another commendable aspect of the performance by Sounds Musical, as I have seen in many of their previous productions, is their ability to project their voices without the aid of personal microphones. This ensures the quality of the sound is not distorted and shows the musical capability of their members.

Sounds Musical Theatre Company treated us to a song from their next show, Funny Girl. The audience burst into applause after hearing the spellbinding song ‘People’, proving they should be on top form for their next production.

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