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Calamity Jane

Sounds Musical Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 6th – 9th March 2013

Sounds Musical Theatre Company took to the stage in whipcrackin’ glory. Their large cast brought a lively performance and the chorus was particularly successful. The ensemble was animated and involved in the action.
Calamity Jane (Holli Littlefair) commanded the stage with her interpretation of this feisty tomboy. She was accompanied by her best friend and womanly influence, Miss Katie Brown (Ali Selway) who sung wonderfully once she didn’t have to pretend to be Adelaide Adams.

Lt Danny Gilmartin (James Jarman) and Wild Bill Hickock (Mathew Becker) fought to win the heart of Katie Brown. However it was Wild Bill’s scenes with Calamity Jane which made this character come to life. He wound her up and the pair worked well together, producing a passionate version of ‘I can do without you’.

The colourful can-can dancers were full of energy and excitement and were followed by Mike Chenery who played both Miss Frances Fryer and Mr Francis Fryer spectacularly. His performance of ‘Hive full of honey’ was humorous. Henry Miller (Leigh Jarman) was a nervous, bumbling wreck who added much hilarity when he had unhappy customers.

The staging fully utilised the space even including ‘The Golden Garter theatre’. The projections complimented the set, taking the audience into the heart of the Wild West.

The orchestra led by Jenny George, brought the songs to life with the percussionist making a convincing horse. The light touches of the instrumentalists during ‘Secret Love’ contrasted delightfully with the more upbeat songs and showed excellent musicianship.

I felt at times the cast could have projected their voices a little more but overall they were lustily singing numbers such as ‘The deadwood stage’. This was a bright and cheerful production of a much loved musical.

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