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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

City Of Plymouth Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 30th April – 4th May

City Of Plymouth Theatre Company present Chitty Chitty Bang Bang complete with all the whistles and inventions from the film!

The most obvious challenge when producing this show on stage is bringing the car to life. After all, Chitty is a character in herself with the ability to do incredible things. The prop used by COPTC had all the gadgets you would expect and the Potts family interacted with the car to bring it to life.

The staging and costumes of this production took us into the vibrant and exciting settings of the story including the Potts family home, Lord Scrumptious’ Sweet Factory and the land of Vulgaria. The scene in Lord Scrumptious’ Sweet Factory boasted particularly bright costumes which perfectly set up the song ‘Toot Sweets’. The striped dresses bobbed and flounced as the ensemble danced to this fun number.

Once we reached Vulgaria, the characters were not so sweet. Tony Outterside as the Child Catcher is sure to have given a few audience members a nightmare or two! ‘Kiddy Widdy Winkies’ is an incredibly creepy song made even more haunting by Tony’s stylistic dancing and vocal delivery.

Overall, the Vulagrians were an amusing yet villainous bunch. Bumbling twosome Boris (Charlotte Jones) and Goran (Thaila Kelly) provided plenty of laughs. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is written in a way that both children and adults can enjoy. Many of the jokes will go over the children’s heads and get a giggle from the adults, while the slapstick humour and charming story is appealing to the younger members. Boris and Goran, in particular, have the perfect balance between the two. Their strong characterisation and cheeky innuendos made them firm favourites with the audience.

There are so many elements to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. From side stories, to complicated props to a fast paced score; this show is a big undertaking for any company. City Of Plymouth Theatre Company produced a professional and slick performance supported by a full house.

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