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The Wranglers, The Muse Theatre, 2nd – 6th December 2014

The Wranglers present their annual pantomime, ‘Cinderella’ to a packed audience. They opened with cheery Christmas favourite ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’.

The Wranglers have kept it current with Minions, Facebook and Frozen songs. The twists to the traditional tale engaged the audience with Janner fairies and magic potions.

Sian Hoskin as Cinderella interacted naturally with the other characters and added humour in places. She has an accomplished singing voice which was needed for ‘For the First Time in Forever’.

Cinderella had to contend with her step-mother and step-sisters, Bermuda, Cortina and Florida (Jonathan Clarke, Gareth Davis and Jamie Corson). Bermuda moved around effortlessly with huge heels while Cortina and Florida followed behind wearing ridiculous outfits. All performed ‘It’s Raining Men’ and knew how to get the audience involved.

The Wranglers chose a traditional casting for their pantomime with Jennie Farmer as Prince Charming and Georgina Parnell as Dandini. They played off each other and delivered their lines clearly.

As we all expect there was the usual audience participation which was great fun and had the audience in high spirit. However at some points the participation was unnecessary and hindered the progression of the story.

Some of the cast couldn’t be heard at times but perhaps that was because of the audience roaring with laughter.
The full company numbers were exciting and showed off the impressive skills of The Wranglers, with tap dancing, Can-can and a sweet number from Mary Poppins. Jolly Holiday included a young dancing duo, a tap dancing horse and a whole host of penguins.

The Wranglers gave the audience everything they want from a pantomime and more. ‘Cinderella’ was an original performance with plenty of laughs.

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