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City of Plymouth Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 26th – 29th April 2017

First performed in 1970, ‘Company’ revealed a new side to Sondheim. With a contemporary setting and relatable insight into modern relationships, this is a musical which will appeal to adults.

Bobby (Tim Lloyd) is a bachelor and is surrounded by his married friends. He spends time with each of the couples and each scene feels like a sketch within the musical. All the scenes could be performed individually but what makes this show interesting is how they all link together culminating in Bobby discovering himself and ending the show with the famous song ‘Being Alive’.

This musical features the distinctive, fast, wordy libretto of Sondheim, especially in ‘Getting Married Today’ performed by Thaila Kelly as Amy and Harry Morse as Paul. Amy is having second thoughts and panicking about getting married. The words flow so quickly that there is hardly a moment for breath. To make the song even more challenging Thaila Kelly uses physical comedy to convey her emotions. She throws herself about the stage pleading for the wedding not to happen. The wedding choir in this number and Paul’s calm and contrasting voice, both singing about how wonderful the day would be, made this a memorable piece.

Musical number ‘The little things you do together’ described the smaller details of marriage with lines such as ‘The concerts you enjoy together. Neighbours you annoy together’. There were some mutters and looks shared between audience members, giggling as they related to elements of the song.

All the couples worked excellently together and Bobby’s many girlfriends conveyed unique personalities. This was a great musical for allowing many talented actors to have significant parts and to showcase the members of City of Plymouth Theatre Company.

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