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The Tamaritans, The Muse Theatre, April 9th- 12th 2014

The Tamaritans produce the dark and exciting thriller ‘Deathtrap’. The suspense and execution is vital as we are lead through the twists and turns of this complex plot. The intricacies in the writing of this play are astounding and need a talented cast to portray this successfully, which the Tamaritans undoubtedly have.

This five person play introduces the lead character, Sidney Bruhl played by Noel Preston-Jones. He was on stage throughout most of the play and had a lot of dialogue to remember. Noel gave us an insight into his mind and his thought processes. The temptation this character experienced was portrayed brilliantly.

To interject some humour into the darkness was Helga Ten Torp played by Phyl McGowan Vosper. Her psychic powers left the audience both laughing and frightened. Matthew Becker played Clifford Anderson who is incredibly good at playing dead. Peter Griffith and Helen Scott complete the cast as Porter Milgrim and Myra Bruhl. Porter Milgrim is a sly character who, although does not feature much, has a vital role in unveiling the plot. Myra Bruhl, Sidney’s wife, is a jittery woman and with good reason.

The set was incredibly detailed with a wall of weapons and plenty of other objects to fill up the living room. The lighting was used to good effect creating shadows and angst.

This play is a gem, with unpredictability and unexpected twists. In fact at some point it was so nerve racking that I thought I heard a few screams from the audience.

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