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Dr Dolittle Jr

City of Plymouth Youth Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 9th – 10th October 2015

‘Dr Dolittle Junior’ promised to be a vibrant and colourful production from the start. The young performers in their clever costumes shone throughout the performance.

This classic children’s tale by Hugh Lofting translated wonderfully to stage with the use of puppets and costumes to portray the animal characters.

Josh Colman played the part of the unique and peculiar Dr John Dolittle. He learns to talk to the animals in a song. Josh kept an element of Rex Harrison, who featured in the film version, but also made the role his own. He spoke and sang with clarity and interacted with the animals in a variety of woofs and neighs.

Dr Dolittle comes across several unusual animals during his adventures including the Pushmi-Pullyu (Daisy Williams and Olivia Parsons), a two headed llama. The girls co-ordinated with each other excellently and showed off the Pushmi-Pullyu’s secret talent for dancing.

Along the way Dr Dolittle accompanied by his animals and friends, meet the natives of Sea Star Island. They sang ‘Save the Animals’ with passion accompanied by a slick dance routine.

Credit to the props department who had to create the Great Pink Sea Snail. Who knew a prop could have so much character! Jean Claude the snail blew bubbles and even appeared to join in with the songs.

Having grown up reading Hugh lofting’s Dr Dolittle stories it was a delight to see them brought to the stage and by such a talented group of performers. An excellent, high energy performance by City of Plymouth Youth Theatre Company.

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