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City of Plymouth Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 29th April – 2nd May 2015

City of Plymouth Theatre Company provide a musical education with their revue, ‘Encore!’. They even included sketches and jokes.

Often it is difficult to create a sense of flow when performing a revue but this company achieved it seamlessly from the start. The small sections of dialogue and were delightful, especially when some of the cast arrived ‘late’ to a party and sang a medley.

The Sound of Music medley was well executed with a selection of songs from Maria, the children, the nuns and Captain Von Trapp. The songs were performed smoothly and sweetly, especially Edelweiss which was spine-tingling.

The company did not keep strictly to musicals and threw in a re-enactment of ‘Andy Pandy’ where we were encouraged by a softly spoken narrator to sing Andy’s favourite song. This element was reminiscent of a pantomime as was the ’12 Days of Easter’ which all added to the fun. This rather hectic song left the audience crying with laughter.

The trio of musicians created a pleasant backing to the singing. The mixture of keyboard (Gary Hawkins), bass (Jack Kennedy) and percussion (Rex King) was pleasing and had enough depth that the overall sound was excellent.

The array of costumes was astounding. City of Plymouth Theatre Company must be pros at the quick change. The wonderful colours and sense of era added to the journey through the musicals.

When the ensemble sang together in various numbers from Barnum to Sweeney Todd the sound they produced was impressive and enjoyable. City of Plymouth Theatre Company had a good balance between boys and girls and produced pleasant harmonies. Overall, an excellent and educational musical experience.

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