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‘Faustus’ is the tale of a man, the shows namesake, who is tempted by Lucifer. He sells his soul to the devil and experiences the torrent of the seven deadly sins. This was presented by the first years on Marjon’s BA Acting course.

The audience entered into a smoke filled room to see the characters from the travelling fair of indulgence, who were later revealed to be devils. Their fluid, over-the-top movements gave the theatrical air necessary to depict fair folks. During the performance the cast performed impressive lifts as Faustus explored this sinful world. The stability and complexity of the lifts was commendable.

Faustus played by Kyle Telford was an interesting character. He appeared to find an almost child-like glee in summoning evil forces and experiencing the different sins.

Thomas Bowdler played Mephistopheles, a servant to Lucifer and to Faustus. He had an incredible stage presence and consciously and meticulously made every move. He had the body awareness of a dancer with his careful, precise bow and unexpected changes between slow and fast movements. It was as if he was a force pulling us into sinful pleasure.

The Actor’s Wheel produced ‘Faustus’ in collaboration with Plymouth College of Art by designing and making costumes and creating the projections. The costumes capture the elements of the fair but had a dark, devilishness to them.

The addition of live snippets of music played by the people of the fair enhanced the atmosphere and also added humour in places.

The first year acting students are proving to be as talented as the second year cohort and are equally adept at exploring the interesting mode of physical theatre.

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