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High School Musical

City Of Plymouth Youth Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 15 – 16 February

City Of Plymouth Youth Theatre Company present High School Musical Jr. Based on the popular Disney film, the story is set at East High, an American High School and follows the blossoming romance between basketball player Troy Bolton (Josh Colman) and new student, Gabriella Montez (Megan Shorey).

Featuring a range of catchy songs, including ‘Start Of Something New’ and ‘We’re All In This Together’, this show is popular with young audiences. The messages of unity and friendship feature throughout and are particularly prominent in the lyrics ‘We’re not the same, we’re different in a good way’. This is a great message to be sharing with a young audience and the cast clearly believed in the lyrics. They worked together to present a high-energy dance routine.

No high school would be complete without its range of larger-than-life personalities, including sibling double act Sharpay and Ryan Evans played by Amelia Green and Jack Matthews. This dramatic duo eat, sleep and breathe drama. They flounced around the set presenting fun choreography, upbeat songs and hilarious one-liners much to the audiences delight.

I can confidently say the cast of High School Musical enjoyed performing for us. The short sharp scenes, fantastic use of the stage and great costumes helped the story to swiftly move through the dramas of life at school.

The audience particularly enjoyed the Detention scene led by drama teacher Ms Darbus (Molly Wynne) where she encouraged the students to explore acting through impersonating animals. It definitely gave us an insight into the characters’ personalities. Perhaps this exercise will be included in future rehearsals for City Of Plymouth Youth Theatre Company?

This is a must see for fans of the Disney movie. With a dynamic presentation of the story, your eyes will be darting around the stage to take in the fast-paced action of High School Musical.

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