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City of Plymouth Youth Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 8th – 9th November 2013

The City of Plymouth Youth Theatre Company took to the stage as a menagerie of birds and other animals. Honk! tells the story of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling.

Ugly (Jasmine Titah) contrasted wonderfully with his cute brothers and sisters. Ugly was suitably awkward and had a great honk. The rabble of ducklings whilst very young knew exactly what they were doing. Their mother Ida was played by Bethany Davies. She commanded the audience’s attention and had a strong singing voice.
Birds weren’t the only animals on stage. Tom Kingdom played the part of Cat. He slunk around the stage capturing the essence of a feline’s movement and was very jazzy. Laura Mosses played another animal called Bull Frog. She interacted with the audience and told us off for not laughing at her terrible jokes which made her performance hilarious.

Greylag the goose, played by Finlay Morse was a very English goose. He portrayed the clipped English accent perfectly and delivered the attitude to go along with it. He was a stereotypical military pilot taken straight out of World War Two.

Aspects of modern day were added into the performance which created humour. This included a television film crew helping to search for Ugly. The setting was simple and effective. Most of the props and backdrop were oversized cardboard cut-outs which gave a sense of scale against the birds.

In my opinion a live band would have improved the performance as this would enable the key of some songs to be changed resulting in a more suitable range for the performers.

Overall City of Plymouth Youth Theatre Company produced a solid performance of an amusing show.

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