Humble Boy, The Tamaritans
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Humble Boy

The Tamaritans, The Muse Theatre, Lipson 26th – 29th October 2016

A mystery surrounded the true nature of this play, as The Tamaritans correctly said it is very hard to describe the play without giving away the plot. It is fascinating and engaging from start to finish.

‘Humble Boy’ has a small cast of six. The play leaves you immediately wanting to re-watch the performance in order to truly take in all its detail. It is clear how author, Charlotte Jones, received several awards for this play. The Tamaritans have once again found a gem and have performed it to perfection.

The story revolves around the Humbles. Flora (Jenny Jarvis) and Felix (Matt Becker) are coming to terms with the loss of, husband and father, Mr Humble. Mercy Lott (Debbie Temple) tries to help at the wake, by offering to hand out sandwiches but finds herself in the middle of tensions within the family.

Anna King has taken on her first major role with The Tamaritans as Rosie, the daughter of George and ex-lover of Felix. She has mastered the realism required for this part and her speech was very natural. Her father George, played by Clive Lovatt, has a larger than life personality and is intentionally loud and over-the-top. With the theatrical personalities around her, Rosie seemed down to earth and relatable. The contrast in the personalities of all the characters added to the intrigue of this play.

The part of Jim the gardener (Geoff Strickland) is curious. He silently keeps peace and has an impressive knowledge of the Latin names of plants and insects.

The Tamaritans production of ‘Humble Boy’ is an absolute must-see. The stage has been constructed excellently and the interactions between the characters, in the setting of the Humble garden are absorbing.

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