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King Lear

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The Actor’s Wheel bring to the stage the horrifying yet captivating play, King Lear. This famous tragedy by William Shakespeare deals with issues still relevant to today’s audiences, namely what happens to our minds as we grow old?

In The Actor’s Wheel production King Lear (Kadin Uzzell) is female. She is a single mum with three daughters. This change in gender added a new element to the play, delving into the relationship of female relatives. It allowed the female leads to explore the spitefulness and hatred that occurs when relationships become rivalrous.

It is definitely beneficial to read a synopsis of King Lear before watching this play to fully appreciate The Actor’s Wheel performance. In the programme it describes how each of the characters are related, which is worth noting.

Throughout the first act King Lear is accompanied by her Fool (Georgia Bray). The part of the Fool provides an element of fun in this dark play. Georgia seemed to play the Fool as if she were a nymph or fairy, flitting about the stage, popping up beside King Lear to impart some words, often through riddles.

King Lear is also joined for some of her journey by Kent (Morgan Cusack), a servant. Morgan is skilled at delivering lines in the Shakespearian tongue, especially Kent’s tirade of insults toward Oswald, another servant.

Again, The Actor’s Wheel have produced relatable and relevant Shakespeare.

King Lear will be touring – 10th to 12thThe Desmond Tutu Theatre, 24th Cygnet Theatre Exeter, 25th Sterts Theatre Liskeard, 27th Barbican Theatre Plymouth

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