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Legally Blonde Jr

DJR School Of Performing Arts, Devonport Playhouse, 19th – 20th October 2018

DJR School Of Performing Arts present Legally Blonde Jr, a musical derived from the hit rom-com movie. For those who haven’t seen the film or musical stage version, the story is about Elle Woods, a blonde girl who wants to prove her worth in the name of love. Elle wants to be taken seriously and how much more serious can you get than studying at Harvard Law?

Expect plenty of pink, finger snapping and fashion from this show. Clearly the cast had fully embraced Elle’s world and were strutting their stuff on-stage.

Shannah Russell as Elle Woods had a huge role to play, with several musical numbers and plenty of dialogue. She handled the quick changes perfectly and also proved herself to be a pro when it came to working with animals. Elle’s dog, Bruiser played by Snoops looked extremely content cuddled up in her arms.

Paulette Bonafonte played by Sophie Bazeley helps Elle through difficult times. She works in a salon and reveals her dreams about marrying a man from Ireland. The subtle facial expressions she gave to the audience and other cast members were perfectly timed and very humorous. She had clearly studied the character and knew exactly how to react in every situation.

The staging and overall production transported us to the various settings, including Elle’s dorm room and a court room. Generally the costumes were perfect for the setting and allowed the actors to dance freely. Unfortunately in one of the numbers the costumes did hinder the performance so perhaps a few more rehearsals in full costume or a more tailored outfit would have solved this problem. In a truly professional manner, the performers didn’t let this affect their energy and singing.

DJR School Of Performing Arts seemed extremely excited to be performing this modern musical and I am sure their family and friends will enjoy the remaining performances. I am definitely not alone in leaving the theatre and humming ‘Omigod You Guys’ for the rest of the evening!

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