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Legally Blonde

City Of Plymouth Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, April 2016

It is unusual to see an amateur-dramatics company perform such a new show. Only 9 years after its premiere on Broadway, City of Plymouth Theatre Company brought ‘Legally Blonde’ to Plymouth. Based on the movie ‘Legally Blonde’, the show tells the story of a young girl who follows love and ends up discovering herself.

Lead character, Elle Woods played by Thalia Kelly has to sing, dance and act her way through the story. Thalia was excellent at all three and even proved herself as a dog handler to Bruiser Woods A.K.A her own dog, Barney. He melted the hearts of the audience as soon as he set his paws on stage.

Elle was helped through her journey by her Delta Nu girls. Bright and bubbly from the start, the girls had the audience smiling from the first time they opened the windows of the Delta Nu house. As Elle’s guardian angels, they showed that blonde doesn’t have to mean dumb.

Also advising Elle, was her new friend from the salon, Paulette played by Charlotte Robinson. Her characterisation was very strong. Dressed in leopard print and huge wedge shoes, she had the American drawl to go with it. The character was charming and funny.

The students get to work on a court case involving Brooke Wyndham (Rona Perry), the accused. Brooke is in the fitness industry and Rona could have been too with the way she was skipping and singing simultaneously. It is possible to underestimate the power and strength needed when Rona made it look so easy!

This musical focuses strongly on girl power but the men in the show also did an excellent job. Harry Morse as Warner Huntington III, William O’Brien as Emmett Forrest and Tim Lloyd as Callahan all played excellent parts in amongst the pink explosion and screaming girls.

The story warms your heart and takes you in from the start. It would be a great introduction to musical theatre for fans of the movie. A truly professional performance from City of Plymouth Theatre Company.


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