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The Tamaritans, Devonport Playhouse, 17th – 20th Feburary 2016

The Tamaritans present ‘Loot’, a black comedy by Joe Orton. With this play Orton produced a new take on the farce by creating an increase in the hectic nature of this style, with accusations flying freely and characters seeming to be in and out of trouble within minutes. The play is set in the 1960s with subtle digs at the police force, a sign of the times.

The story begins with Mr McLeavy (Geoffrey Strickland) sobbing over the open coffin of his dead wife. The props used as Mrs McLeavy were excellent. The scenery was detailed and costumes accurate for the time period.

Truscott, posing as a Water board inspector, enters the house and begins his detective work. The interrogation scene between Truscott (Noel Preston-Jones) and Hal (Sam Hughes) was extremely well acted. The use of levels was excellent with Hal cowering on the floor during this scene.

In the middle of all the drama is Fay (Kate Roberts), the nurse of Mrs McLeavy. She has a colourful history with the law and seems to worm her way into all the characters’ lives. Kate plays this part with skill. Her comic sobbing and ability to get what she wants from anyone, especially when she finds out Dennis (Andrew Horigan) is in the money, is very amusing.

Unfortunately the layout of the Playhouse didn’t compliment the staging. Loot takes place in a room in McLeavy’s house. This was placed on the upper part of the stage which meant the audience had to look up from the stalls. Looking down onto the stage would have given a better view of the scene.

Overall The Tamaritans production of Loot was successful and enjoyable. Who knew so much could happen in just one room?

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