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Wranglers Youth Theatre Company, The Muse Theatre, 21st  – 23rd February 2013

I must confess this is the first time I have seen a Shakespeare play. Having studied Shakespeare in school I have suffered from the typical teenager’s reaction to his great works. However the Wranglers production of Macbeth was faultless, captivating and could transform GCSE English lessons forever.

The company should be commended on their bravery at tackling this wordy play and applauded for their enthusiasm and talent. I have no idea how the cast managed to remember so many lines.

I enjoyed the contrast the Wranglers managed to create within this tragedy. They included lighter moments such as a dance which showed their true diversity. The Porter (Ryan Wilce) created humour with his performance of the ‘knock knock knock’ speech.

Lady Macbeth (Anna Salisbury) gave a mature performance and had the audience mesmerized by her interpretation of the character. I found I couldn’t take my eyes off her when she was delivering her speeches.

Macbeth (Andy Deacon) and Macduff (Liam Salmon) created intense action in the fight scene. This was well choreographed and very convincing. Andy Deacon bought depth to the character of Macbeth as is required to play such a complicated man.

The Witches (Jessica Bailey, Taryn Fay and Fran Spree) chose an interesting interpretation of the characters by not opting for the traditional hag-like portrayal. Instead the Witches were mysterious and seemed to have emerged from the earth. The way in which they moved set them apart from the human characters.

The staging complimented the performance well by being simple and composed of neutral colours. The costumes were equally as successful with the continued colour scheme. Overall the production was impressive and enjoyable.

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