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Miss Saigon

Plymkids, Devonport Playhouse, 20th – 23rd March 2013

Plymkids tackled a heavy and challenging show. ‘Miss Saigon’ deals with issues surrounding the Vietnam War.
Katie Anderson as Kim interacted superbly with the other actors. She sang from the heart which moved the audience. Her scenes with Chris (Frazer Wearne) were emotional and believable. Chris had a pleasant singing voice and carried across ‘Why, God, Why?’ brilliantly.

Elliot Coombe as The Engineer added a humorous slant to this heavy musical. He aimed to make as much profit as possible from the war. The transition in The Engineer’s character between being the fun host and the menacing businessman was highly successful.

The chorus worked hard to bring the terror and realities faced by the Vietnamese people to the stage. A scene of particular note was the evacuation of the marines. The stage was set with a gate as the centrepiece, dividing the marines and the people of Saigon. They repeatedly switched sides so the audience could be part of the action. The helicopter and the sheer noise of people crying out made this scene dramatic and realistic. This was an excellent way to approach a challenging scene. The chorus brought to light the desperation of the people and the darkness that the war created.

The staging involved many scene changes. Despite the complexity of this the scenery remained simple and effective.

The balance between the orchestra and singers needed to be amended as at times it was difficult to hear the singers. However both the orchestra and singers were musically excellent.

‘Miss Saigon’ was produced to a professional standard and will guarantee to move you to tears.

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