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Mother Goose

The Wranglers, Muse Theatre, 4th to 8th December 2012

Mother Goose is a show for all ages which is reflected in the cast. It includes adult company members right through to the little ones. All involved seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves as were the audience.

The show opened with some dancing Christmas guys and girls to get the audience in the mood. Followed by Mother Goose (Gareth Davis) using a rather unusual mode of transport to take to the stage. Mother Goose had a colourful and extensive wardrobe and the flamboyance of her costumes was reflected in the way the character was played.

They went for the traditional approach by having Katherine Guthrie play the romantic hero, Colin. Katherine looked after her orphaned children and they all got many “awwws” from the audience.

‘I am what I am’, the immortal words of Demon Dumas (Jonathan Clarke) created an interesting play on the role of the villain. He was still very much the evil character but with jazz hands thrown in.

Captain Latrine (Geoff Coventry) accompanied by his gang of hopeless French pirates and his two spies Polo (Tom Davis) and Trebor (Ben Davis) attempted to cause havoc. Captain Latrine had his work cut out with his gang of interestingly named imbeciles. The Captain supplied plenty of amusement in his efforts to make good pirates out of his idiotic rabble.

The performance was bought up to date with two fairies from Essex and their Chihuahuas. They still said many of their lines in rhyme which was impressive and hilarious, with plenty of ‘likes’ thrown in.

The scene changes were exceptionally fast and very smooth and the staging was simple but effective. Overall this was a neatly polished performance that has something for everyone.

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