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Murdered to Death

The Tamaritans, The Muse Theatre, 28th – 31st October 2015

‘Murdered to Death’, an Agatha Christie style spoof, tells of a weekend of fun gone horribly wrong. The Lady of the house, Mildred (Denise Brush) invites some old friends for a reunion but soon a murder mystery unravels.

The worrying arrival of bad omen, Miss Maple (Debbie Temple) brings disaster and another crime for her to speculate about. It is a good job she is on the scene with useless Inspector Pratt (Rob Howard) on the case. Inspector Pratt is hilariously bad at leading an inquiry and remembering people’s names.

Among the suspects is Bunting the Butler (Matthew Becker) who isn’t very good at his job but is very good at making the audience laugh. When asked by Mildred to restock the fire, he simply throws on one log from where he is standing; the middle of the room.

The first to arrive at the house are Colonel and Mrs Craddock (Noel Preston-Jones and Christina Barry). Noel’s portrayal of a stereotypical English Colonel is amusing. His speech pattern is spot on with the mannerisms to match.
Everyone in this play played an excellent part. There were many contrasting characters which made for great watching.

The outcome is a complete surprise but there are small hints throughout the performance so keep your eyes and ears on the lookout.

The set was incredibly detailed and therefore created a realistic sense of being invited in to Mildred’s living room.
A funny and slick murder mystery from The Tamaritans. Murdered to Death by Peter Gordon is part of the ‘Inspector Pratt’ trilogy. Based on the success of this play perhaps we will be treated to the other plays in this series.

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