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The Wranglers, The Muse Theatre, 28th May – 1st June 2013

Oklahoma is a timeless classic that will continue to attract new generations. This highly energetic humorous musical is appealing to those looking for a fun night out however there are serious aspects hidden in amongst the laughs which make this musical enthralling.

The Wranglers certainly did it justice with a particularly animated rendition of ‘Kansas City’. Will Parker played by Andy Deacon even tried his hand with a lasso. The cast performed some challenging lifts during the dance routine. Overall the dancing and volume of singing from the cast was impressive with all members participating in the routines. The togetherness and skill of their dancing coupled with the effort put into the performance made the chorus exciting to watch.

The show began with a strong performance of ‘Oh What a Beautiful Morning’ by Tom Davis who played Curly McLaine. Another strong singer was Liam Salmon who played a frightening and intense Jud Fry. He embraced this bad tempered character by scaring the audience into believing he is a man not to be messed with.

The best comedic moments came from Aunt Eller (Julie Farmer), Ali Hakim (Matt Reeve) and Ado Annie (Katharine Guthrie). Aunt Eller is a rough and tough old lady who gives the men a run for their money. Matt Reeve’s accent was excellent along with his comedic timing. Ado Annie provided plenty of laughs with her problems with men ‘since she filled out’.

My only criticism is that the overture was slightly too long. Considering the audience couldn’t see the musicians and there was nothing happening on stage it felt a little drawn out.

Overall the Wranglers gave a bright and enthusiastic performance of a show that delights all generations.

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