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DJR School of Performing Arts, Devonport Playhouse, 3rd – 5th March 2016

The members of DJR School of Performing Arts produced a unique performance of ‘Oklahoma!’. All members were enthusiastic throughout and gave a slick performance.

Laurey played by Shannah Russell had a pleasant voice which particularly shone in the upper register. When Ado Annie (Rhiannon Witt) is explaining to Laurey how she ‘Can’t say no’ there seems to be genuine friendship between the two characters.

Ado Annie’s love interest, Will Parker (Bailey Cameron) gave a clean performance. His annunciation was clear and singing voice excellent.

Laurey’s battling suitors Curley (Christopher Fowell) and Judd Fry (Fin Kinsella) played convincing rivals but Curley showed his sensitive side in a sweet duet with Laurey, ‘People Will Say We’re in Love’.

The ensemble scenes were fantastic and the choreography for ‘Out of my Dreams’ brilliant. It combined both beauty and comedy, with young ballerina Frances Burdett playing Dream Laurey.

The script had been skilfully cut down to suit the young company. However, in the scene where Judd Fry comes back to town the events happened a little too quickly. For audience members who did not already know the story this could have been a little baffling. Just a few extra lines would have helped this scene to be as engaging as the rest of the show.

It was great to see a range of ages performing together on the stage, from tiny tots to teenagers. The little ones kept up and knew all the steps. All company members were smiling throughout and supported each other as a team. It was a pleasure to see a company that performed as if they were a family. Great work from everyone involved.

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