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Peter Pan

Ermington Players, The Globe Theatre, 21st -23rd February 2013

Just as I thought panto season had ended along came the Ermington Players with ‘Peter Pan’.

The Ermington Players avoided typecasting by having the young Indian, Tiger Lily played by mature Carolyn Knight. The usual portrayal of the role was completely ignored by having Tiger Lily as a free spirited, randy young lady which created more humour than I could have imagined. Her Father, Lean Wolf (Mike Evans) didn’t quite live up to his name and wasn’t much good at keeping his unruly daughter under control.

Mr Smee (Richard Knightley) was a joker throughout the performance, coming out with all the classic lines and working hard for audience participation.

I enjoyed the rock styled band and thought this was a brilliant way to encourage a younger audience.

Many animals appeared in this show with Bruce Robinson cast as The Crocodile. He seemed rather friendly and kept the audience amused with his tales from bonnie Dundee.

The attention to detail in the scenery was wonderful and brought the audience into the heart of Neverland. I was impressed and amused with their ingenious solution to flying. The audience were laughing so much that the lines for most of the scene were not heard.

I would have liked there to be a little more pace at the beginning of the performance but once the cast found their stride there was no stopping them.

Well done to Ellie Sibley, winner of the design competition, who made a fantastic front cover for the programme.

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