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Pirates of the Curry Bean

Plymkids, Devonport Playhouse, 13th June- 15th June 2016

The Plymkids take to the stage in their masses. The amount of children participating in the production proves just how successful this company is. Every one of them appeared to be having great fun.

Especially cheeky duo Scuttle and Slack played by Zoe Daw and Stephanie Kingdom resembled characters from a pantomime. Stephanie has already perfected her comedic timing and is all set to be a very talented actress. Her enthusiasm for her role never faltered throughout the performance. Zoe Daw as Scuttle had the job of keeping her in line and putting up with her terrible sense of humour.

Pearl was played by Olivia Sullivan who spoke very clearly as did Deadeye played by Saffiyah Rujak. She bossed everyone around and was the complete opposite to the bumbling Admiral Horatio Hornhonker played by James Moore.

The cast were impressive during the dances and the mop dance was particularly well choreographed. Every performer put in 100% to the dance routines and the large cast kept in time with each other. Plymkids always tries to include every child in their show so for Pirates of the Curry Bean there are two separate casts. Their management of the space on stage is well thought out considering the number of children performing.

The Plymkids need to work on their use of microphones because sometimes their words were unclear and the sound levels varied. However considering these youngsters are just starting out on the stage they must be incredibly fast learners. All had a great stage presence and demonstrated a passion for performing. Their director has obviously put a lot of time and effort into creating a slick show.

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