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Peter Pan

Plymkids, Devonport Playhouse, 29th November – 1st December 2012

Peter Pan was made up of a cast of future stars. All involved have a wonderful level of talent for people of their age. Plymkids is a brilliant company for children to gain experience of performing.

The show opened with a busy street scene in which the narrative was portrayed through dance. The large cast handled the stage well.

Wendy (Imogen Harvey) was a very strong singer and projected her voice well. Sam Fogg played a fantastic leading man as Peter Pan, assisted by Tinkerbell (Laura Aldersley) who was the usual lovable troublemaker. The part of Hook (Jackson Spry) was evil yet funny. He was easily frightened by the crocodile and needed rescuing by Smee (Jack Randle) the friendly pirate.

The crocodile (Mackenzie Caldwell) had everyone laughing. It was a well-played role as the crocodile seemed to be less evil compared with the traditional Peter Pan. The other animal part of Nana (Maddie Negus) was very life like. Nana was great at joining in with the dancing in her own special way. She also took good care of the children, making sure that Michael took his medicine.
Harry Youngs as Mr Darling played a convincing hopeless husband, needing his wife’s assistance to do up his tie. Bethany Davies as Mrs Darling was well suited to the role of a caring Mother to Wendy, John (Kieran Taylor) and Michael (Alasdair Lambie).

Plymkids should consider using a live band for their performance as there are plenty of talented young musicians about and this would create a better sound and tone compared with a recording.

The adult am-dram groups could learn a thing or two from the lively, enthusiastic chorus of Pirates, Lost boys and Indians. They kept up their high energy throughout the performance and excelled at singing, dancing and acting.

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