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March 2017 – The Wharf Tavistock 14th-16th, Prim Raf Theatre Callington 18th – 19th, Parish Hall Meavy 23rd, Charter Hall Okehampton 26th

‘Shadowlands’ tells the true story of the relationship between Narnia author, C. S. Lewis and Amercian poet, Joy Davidman.

Tim Randell steps into the lead role as another famous English novelist, having taken on the role of Rudyard Kipling in The Tavonians 2016 production of My Boy Jack. C. S. Lewis opens the show, talking to the audience as if we are a lecture theatre of students. He speaks on the subject of love and pain, reminding us that you cannot have one without the other. He captivates the audience with these monologues which occur several times throughout the production.

Joy (Sally Collings) provided a shocking yet exciting contrast to C. S. Lewis’ English world. She comes to the conclusion that the English must be nocturnal because they are so quiet and tired during the day. Her exuberant personality draws in C. S. Lewis, who is more accustomed to spending time with men.

Young Douglas (Lily Randell), Joy’s son loves to escape to the world of Narnia so is rather disappointed upon meeting C. S. Lewis and discovering he is an ordinary English gentleman. Lily had mastered the American accent and conveyed Douglas as being lost in his own thoughts and feelings.

Through this true story we are reminded of the vulnerability of humans, experiencing the true roller-coaster of emotions that everyday life brings. The story is full of happiness which makes it all the more heart-breaking. The moment of silence before applause always reveals the emotion of the audience.

The Tavonians have amazing talent for projecting the characters feelings to the audience. The minimalistic staging seems to allow them to focus on the words, pouring out emotions freely and unashamedly. The Tavonians are fundraising for Macmillan throughout this tour.

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