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Singin’ in the Rain JR

DJR School of Performing Arts, Devonport Playhouse, 2nd-4th March 2017

DJR School of Performing Arts take on demanding production, ‘Singin’ in the Rain JR’. With huge cinematic scenes translated from film to stage, the cast needed to be on their toes to carry over this iconic musical.

Frances Burdett, Joshua Hansell-Wright and Chris Jewell appearing as Kathy Seldon, Don Lockwood and Cosmo Brown recreated the popular ‘Good Morning’ number, in which the characters sing a jolly song and charm the audience. The three seemed like genuine friends which made the scene all the more warm-hearted.

In the second act Lina Lamont (Sophia Bedaton) sings her sad yet comic lament ‘What’s wrong with me’ which had the audience roaring with laughter. Sophia had mastered the famous harsh drawl of Lina’s voice which renders her useless as a star in the new talkie pictures. She truly shone through as a talented character actress and her comedic timing was spot on.

The ensemble were essential to the success of this show with huge musical numbers and many talking roles. ‘Make ‘em Laugh’ featured the ensemble clowning around alongside the leads. This song requires accurate timing and everyone involved added comedy and happiness to the performance.

There was sadly minimal tap dancing in this production which is understandable when you realise how challenging the show is. With scene changes, costume changes and big song and dance numbers, the cast certainly had plenty to remember.

DJR School of Performing Arts dedicated their production to Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds, who sadly passed away last year. It was clear from their performances that many of the young stars had watched the film. It was wonderful to see a young generation enjoying timeless musical theatre, based on the huge hit film from 1952.

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