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Sleeping Beauty

Touchwood Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 3rd – 6th December 2014

Touchwood presents ‘Sleeping Beauty’, a traditional tale with modern songs. This included One Direction’s ‘Live While We’re Young’. The ensemble had great energy and slick dance moves in this number.

Prince Daniel (Sean Wills) had a clear singing voice which blended well with Beauty (Heather Foulkes) in their romantic duets.

Poor Muddles (Sam Pomeroy) didn’t get the girl of his dreams. He sang about it in ‘I’m all alone’…accompanied by the entire cast. Muddles promised he would reply to anyone brave enough to shout out to him during audience participation. He kept to his word and had a true talent for talking to the audience.

Nurse Nelly (Conor James) was engaging and fabulous. He carried ‘Once Upon a Dream’ with his strong and pleasant singing voice. This song featured two of the children as young Beauty and Muddles while Nelly remembered them growing up together. The success of this number was due to the effortless interactions between the three actors.

It was nice to have a live orchestra who did a fantastic job with some difficult timings and changes in style. The unusual ensemble of two keyboards, Clarinet/Alto Saxophone, trumpet, cello, guitar, bass and percussion gave the pit orchestra sound a modern twist with great success.

Evil Witch, Carrabosse transformed herself into a fearsome dragon. The dragon prop was thrilling but was only briefly onstage. After the effort to make the dragon, it would have been enjoyable if it had featured for longer.

Many of the scenes involved just a few of the characters. This could have become predictable for the audience but Touchwood made good use of the stage and transitioned between scenes without a problem.
Touchwood got us in the Christmas spirit and delivered a fun performance.

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