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Sleeping Beauty

The Wranglers, The Muse Theatre, 3rd – 7th December 2013

Geoff Coventry has written a great adaptation of the traditional Sleeping Beauty. He included some interesting song choices and the classic one liners that belong inside Christmas crackers. It had all the ingredients of a fun filled night with audience participation and plenty of banter.

The show opened with Jonathan Clarke as the Narrator who immediately grabbed the audience’s attention and giving us a little wake up. Throughout the show he interacted with the audience and improvised at times creating plenty of humour.

The Wranglers included performers of all ages from tiny tots to adults. Of course the tiny tots stole the audience’s hearts and not just for the cute factor but for their brilliant dancing, acting and singing. The Queen Fairy played by Abbiy Donaghue kept all the little fairies under control. There was also small group of older dancers who performed in perfect unison and kept up a high level of energy throughout the performance.

No pantomime would be complete without a Dame. This year that came in the form of Nursey played by Gareth Davis who had a much larger wardrobe than last year which helped over emphasise his character even further. Her boyfriend, Jester played by Ben Davis was a cheeky chap who had brilliant facial expressions and was a master at getting the audience involved with the action.

At times it was a little hard to hear some of the singing and speech so a little more projection was needed or perhaps the use of microphones would help to balance the sound levels.

Overall this was a strong performance from a diverse cast. It is definitely an enjoyable panto to see this year.

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