Sleeping Beauty, Plymouth Uni MTG
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Sleeping Beauty

Plymouth University Musical Theatre Group, 29th November – 2nd December, Plymouth University Davy Building

Plymouth University Musical Theatre Group present their first ever pantomime ‘Sleeping Beauty’ with the help of panto veteran Sam Pomeroy, who has written and directed this production.

There are certain key ingredients found in a panto to create a successful recipe. From popular songs to pantomime dames and of course the romantic duo. It seems Plymouth University MTG have done their research and have produced a show with everything you would expect from a panto.

We meet Beauty (Amy Rossiter) in the first scene, surrounded by all her friends in the ensemble. Her sunny personality was perfect for this role. Amy’s stamina was also impressive. She sang and danced high energy routines without missing a note.

Many of the key actors knew how to play to the audience and had created incredibly strong characters but Nurse Nelly was an instant hit with the audience. As the pantomime dame, Timothy McNeil strutted onto the stage in heels and a fabulous green sequined dress, creating a fun yet sassy performance of ‘All About The Bass’. This sass continued throughout the production and had the audience crying with laughter.

I will brush over the Marjon jokes, being an alumni of the University of St Mark and St John myself. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how family friendly this production was. I had assumed that much of the audience would be students and therefore the jokes may have been a little crasser than the traditional panto. Instead we were treated to all the cheesy favourites and talked to as if we were an audience of excitable children. The atmosphere the cast created with their comedic timing, high energy dance routines and larger than life personalities helped carry over the show.

You could easily have believed that this was not Plymouth University MTG’s first panto. They were confident, fun and charismatic. ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is a perfect night for both students and the whole family!

Photos: Joshua Miles

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