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South Pacific

City of Plymouth Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 30th April – 3rd May 2014

City of Plymouth Theatre Company performs an engaging and slick version of ‘South Pacific’.

Emile de Becque played by Andrew Robinson had the audience captivated with his beautiful tones in his renditions of ‘Some Enchanted Evening’ and ‘This Nearly Was Mine’. Alongside him was Katy O’Brien as Nellie Forbush. The two actors had great chemistry and pulled at the heart strings of the audience. Katy effortlessly portrayed the range of emotions that Nellie experiences and had a very good grasp of the American accent.

The cast members who were required to speak in French did so convincingly especially Emile’s two children Jerome and Ngana played by Joshua Coleman and Holly Pettinger.

The two comedy genius’ in the show were Andrew Statton and Vicki Love who played Luther Billis and Bloody Mary. Billis, the likeable troublemaker, dabbled in some cross dressing to all the sailors’ great amusement. Bloody Mary does her best to sell souvenirs to the sailors, as they help her to learn some interesting new English words.

Harry Morse played Lt. Joseph Cable who sings the thought provoking song ‘Carefully Taught’, which explores the racial prejudices of the time. He falls in love with a Tonkinese girl called Liat (Emma Nelder) who causes him to question his bigoted background.

An array of accomplished musicians were led by Brian Gerry. They bought the familiar melodies to life and gave us a taste of the South Pacific Islands.

The staging was diverse and used to great effect. There was even a realistic tree with a gentle breeze swaying its leaves. The bathing scene was executed particularly well, as the use of water could have proved inconvenient. All the nurses successfully bought frivolity and playfulness to this scene.

Overall City of Plymouth Theatre Company produced an engaging and polished show.

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