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Plymouth Gilbert and Sullivan Fellowship, Devonport Playhouse, 20th – 24th March 2018

Plymouth Gilbert and Sullivan Fellowship present ‘Spamalot’ a musical comedy based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail. With added songs and even more jokes, this show had the audience raucously laughing from start to finish.

The gags and sketches are just as rude as the original and the extra songs make it even more hilarious. If you are a fan of Monty Python then you can look forward to the Black Knight, Tim the Enchanter, the French Taunters, all the knights of Spamalot and more.

The show opens with the Historian (Isla Ellis) and is just like the film. The ensemble mishears her and sings a song all about Finland instead of England. The high energy performance, captivating choreography and overacting continued throughout. It took just one musical number to know we were in for a good evening.

The purposeful overacting made this musical perfect. Especially in songs such as ‘The Song That Goes Like This’. Helen Haviland as the Lady of the Lake sang the perfect vocals where she made all the moments you find in a classic love song seem even more ridiculous.

Darren Lake playing King Arthur and Mark Sidey playing his sidekick Patsy were the perfect duo and when the rest of the knights joined them on their quest it was almost as if we were watching a pantomime. Each had a different set of personality traits which made from some very humorous moments.

Written by the talented Eric Idle we would expect nothing less than a laugh a minute so prepare your tissues. You are sure to be crying with laughter at ‘Spamalot’.

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