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Ermington Players, The Globe Theatre, 19th – 21st February 2015

The Ermington players present their yearly pantomime ‘Spyfall’, a James Bond spoof full of puns, baddies and mishaps. The show’s first musical number ‘Viva Las Vegas’ began shakily but once the company were into the swing of it, the routine was fun and entertaining.

Forget all you know about the stereotypical James Bond (Richard Knightley) as this one was more of a muppet than a mastermind, much to the amusement of the audience.

He was harassed by flirty Miss Spendapenny (Carolyn Knight) whose comic timing was impeccable. She had the adults in the audience roaring with laughter.

The plot involved Katerina Dovzhenko (Ann Roffe) kidnapping George W. Hedge (Jim Reilly), David Cummerbund MP (Dan Thomas) and Vladimir Putyafootinit (John Putman). The three were left tied to chairs with David Cummerbund in the middle, which led to a funny rendition of ‘Stuck in the Middle With You’.

Heenotashee (Mike Evans), the pantomime dame had the audience involved in some rather unusual participatory elements. We helped her clean the theatre seats with our invisible spray cans and sleeves. Heenotashee was a very likeable baddy and had the children smiling with glee when on stage as it meant they could shout out if Heenotashee became too angry.

Beeper (Maisie Pearce) and its Mummy, Dr Woo (Jenna Davies) worked well together. Beeper is Dr Woo’s robot complete with robot head. Maisie did well to convey the emotions of Beeper while having her head covered by the headdress.

What Bond performance would be complete without a car chase? The Ermington players cleverly brought this to the stage by dimming the lights and having car headlights to represent the cars.

The Ermington players gave a fun performance of an unconventional pantomime. A great piece of entertainment to keep both children and adults amused during half term.

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