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Summer Sensations

Multistarz Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 26th – 28th June 2014

The Multistarz present their summer revue with plenty of enthusiasm and an all inclusive attitude. It is refreshing to see so many soloists.

Phil Screech and Chris Morrison performed ‘The Trail of the Lonesome Pine’ as Laurel and Hardy. They both executed the mannerisms well and made the audience giggle. Phil as Laurel had an impressive falsetto.

Bob Pidcock and David Parish performed ‘The Pearl Fishers’ duet. The harmonies were pleasant and although the singing was perhaps not completely reminiscent of an operatic voice the vocalists produced a pleasing sound.
The juniors performed cute dance routines and worked well together as Fagin’s boys in Oliver. As usual Caitlin Owen stood out as a rising star with her performance of two solo dance routines. Her Thriller dance was well choreographed as she used many classic Michael Jackson moves but added her own twist.

The Multistarz performed the old favourite, ‘If I were not upon the stage’ which is guaranteed to get the audience laughing and it did not disappoint.

The transitions between songs of a few spoken lines were appreciated as it gave some context to the musical numbers and helped with the fluidity of the performance.

The Multistarz need to focus on less material as this will allow more rehearsal time and result in a cleaner performance. They also need to decide on the theme of their revues because some content gives the impression of a family show however some of the content is unsuitable for young children. The conflict of having Oliver after Chicago needs to be resolved.

The Multistarz clearly enjoy entertaining their family and friends but I am sure they would appreciate the sale of a few more tickets.

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