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Summer Sparkles

Multistarz, Plymouth College, Saturday 15th June 2016

The Multistarz presented a selection of songs, snippets from shows and short sketches in their summer revue.
As part of their repertoire the cast performed some musical numbers from the King and I. The Multistarz should consider putting on the full production of this show as this would play to their strengths and the age range of their members suited the required characters and all the lead roles were brilliantly cast.

Between the songs there was plenty of bus stop banter which included the kind of jokes that make you roll your eyes. However the audience laughed along and enjoyed the cheesy humour.

The junior dancers were extremely enthusiastic. Some of them had solos during the performance, all of which were slick and well choreographed. In particular Caitlin Owen performed a high energy, modern dance routine.

The Multistarz performed a popular favourite for revues, ‘If I Were Not Upon The Stage’. I don’t know how the performers made it through the song without falling about laughing because the audience certainly were. The choreography gave this song much of its hilarity. The Multistarz have a fair few comedians amongst them.

The Multistarz need to improve on the quality of the sound levels because occasionally the soloists could not be heard over the music. Some of the singers need to work on their technique to achieve the best results from their voice.

It is safe to say Summer Sparkles was an appropriate name for this evening of entertainment.

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