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Sounds Musical Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 17th October 2015

Sounds Musical Theatre Company presented a variety of songs interspersed with short pieces of dialogue about the composer and lyricist for each section of the performance. They began with a selection from Bricusse and Newley. Gordon Cook sang This is the Moment from Jekyll and Hyde. His voice had a pleasant tone.

The show progressed onto songs from composer Jerry Herman. We Are What We Are from La Cage aux Folles caused raucous laughter. The song involved several of the men dressing up as women which they appeared to enjoy. Underneath the laughter the vocals for this song were slick.

Another classic from Jerry Herman was I Won’t Send Roses from Mack and Mabel. Leigh Jarman and director Debbie Jarman made excellent stage partners and their acting was sweet and meaningful.

To conclude the first act, the company performed some numbers by Stephen Sondheim. This included Gotta Get a Gimmick from Gypsy. This number showed off the talent of three of the female cast members; Debbie Jarman, Amanda Paddison and Claire Paddison. Their gimmicks were highly entertaining. The drumming by Rex King in this number was excellent and added to the comedic effect.

Throughout the show the music was brilliant with the simple partnership of a piano played by Claire Anderson and drums. Musical director Jenny George even took to the stage. A particular favourite with the audience was What Do the Simple Folk Do performed by the whole company with Jenny George and Edward Gigg carrying out the solos.
The company sang title song Oklahoma by Rogers and Hammerstein. The song was well executed with exciting dynamic variation and pleasing harmonies.

The entrances for each number needed a little variation as one side of the stage was being favoured over the other which made the entrances slightly predictable. However overall the show was excellent and the company performed an unusual and varied selection of songs giving the audience an excellent insight into Broadway.

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