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The Full Monty

City Of Plymouth Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 2nd – 5th May 2018

You all know the film The Full Monty, but add American accents, musical numbers and plenty more dancing and you have got a stage musical! Not forgetting the fact that this is the live performance and you can’t do a second take.

This group of six unemployed men come together, just like the film for one night only (except this show is running all week). I must commend their bravery and congratulate the lighting technicians on their impeccable timing. This is your chance to see Plymouth’s answer to the Chippendales and you can expect plenty of laughter, risqué humour and pelvic action.

The band struck up with the overture and we were treated to a blend of saxophone, guitar, drums and more. The band played boldly and I am sure helped give the men the courage to dance with confidence.

The story centres around Jerry (Tony Outterside) and Dave (David Green) who are best friends and are both out of luck when the factory closes down. The dialogue between these characters was perfect. There were both humorous and serious moments as we see the real toll unemployment has on these characters.

The singing verged towards shouting at times but perhaps this is due to the style of the songs, however the dancing is what we came to see and the choreography made this show a hit. From both the female actresses who play multiple roles throughout the show and the actors, who even looked good when they were pretending they couldn’t dance.

Overall, the high energy and heart-warming story is a winning combination, and don’t worry ladies, there are a few bottoms thrown into the mix for good measure. Get ready to cheer and shout, all for a good cause with City Of Plymouth Theatre Company.

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