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The Ghost Train

The Tamaritans, The Red House, 25th – 28th October 2017

On the approach to Halloween we were promised a night of thrills and chills from The Tamaritans, with their production of The Ghost Train. This comedy thriller, written by Arnold Ridley A.K.A Private Godfrey from Dad’s Army, took us through the spookiest night of our lives.

Forced together by becoming stranded in a train station in the depths of Cornwall, a group of people learn of a creepy folklore surrounding a train accident that occurred twenty years previously. They can’t decide whether it is fact or fiction but as the night unfolds there are certainly some frightening coincidences!

The stationmaster played by Steve Baker, tantalisingly tells the tale of the ghost train as if to an audience of eager children. He lowered his voice and varied the pace of his speech to perfectly build the suspense, without losing the clear diction and projection. This natural storyteller set the tone of the production and certainly drew the audience in to his nightmarish world.

If you are going to attend this production please be aware of the use of strobe lighting. At times the strobe lighting became a little overwhelming.

Ever the professionals, The Tamaritans all played a strong part. Tim Randell was particularly animated as the larger-than-life Teddie Deakin, even treating us to a few tunes on the ukulele. The physical theatre included in the stage direction further drew the audience into this fun world of ghosts and hallucinations.

The Tamaritans performance is a perfectly spooky night of trick or treat, so make sure to book your ticket on The Ghost Train! If you aren’t familiar with Plymouth School Of Creative Arts it is located at 22 Millbay Road, Plymouth, PL1 3EG.

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