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The Importance of Stealing Ernest

The Ermington Players, The Globe Theatre, 28th – 30th August 2014

The Ermington Players performed ‘The Importance of Stealing Ernest’, a farcical play written by Dan Thomas and Richard Knightley. They doubled as a duo of hapless thieves which gave us an insight as to why they make successful writing partners. The play’s precise timings were executed almost without flaw. The amount of exits and entrances, different doors and hiding places, gave the cast plenty to remember.

The play opened with ‘Abide with me’ to give the illusion the Warminster family had been to Ernest Reginald Warminster’s funeral. They entered the room after the music, carrying an urn which became a key object to the storyline.

Muriel Warminster (Carolyn Knight), widow of Ernest played a slightly zany character who was rather good at making inadvertent innuendos, much to the horror of her Granddaughters, Henrietta (Katie Abraham) and Penelope (Lauren Roberts). All three gave a natural delivery of the lines.

After being snuck into the hotel room Dylan (Joe Beddard), Penelope’s boyfriend spent most of the play popping his head out of hiding places, to great comedic affect.

Jenna Davies played Alice, a feisty pint-sized maid. She gave great characterisation to this part and spoke clearly and naturally.

The Ermington Players left us in suspense for a little too long with a rather lengthy interval. The choice of jewellery for Catherine in the second act proved a little distracting. Perhaps a less jangly bracelet was necessary.

Most of the company members had also assisted in set design and construction. They paid great attention to detail by creating a hotel room complete with bedside telephone, safety notices and sugar sachets.

Overall the Ermington Players gave a strong performance of an original play. I hope they continue writing and performing their own material in the future.

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