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The Little Mermaid

City Of Plymouth Youth Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 5th – 6th October 2018

The City Of Plymouth Youth Theatre Company took us on a journey under the sea to explore the classic tale of Ariel – the mermaid who longs to live in the human world.

The audience was filled with young mermaids in their best sparkly outfits, ready to hear their favourite Disney story, re-told. One of the show’s most popular songs ‘Under The Sea’ brought together the cast and showed their full range of singing, dancing and acting talents.

However, my particular favourite was ‘Kiss The Girl’. The young actors and actresses struck up their imaginary instruments and created a wonderful background to Sebastian’s (Harriet Tyson) solo singing.

While the singing was clear and crisp, some of the spoken lines needed clearer diction in order to fully tell the story.

To truly transport us to another world under the surf, the production team had used all their imagination to invent amazing costumes featuring fish tails, tentacles and fins. Ursula’s (Olivia Parsons) costume was particularly clever.

Her tentacles paired with hair accessories and a layered skirt completely brought the character to life, as did Olivia’s excellent acting. She had clearly been practicing her evil voice and sang a spooky rendition of ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’ with Flotsam (Mia Harper) and Jetsam (Henry Jenkins).

One of the challenges of producing The Little Mermaid on stage is creating the differentiation between the underwater world and the human world. The scene in which Ariel (Ava Jarram) rescues Eric (Ethan Higman) after he is plunged into the sea highlighted the quality of the production. The blue lighting and Eric’s excellent positioning truly convinced us that he was floating underwater.

This show has already proven popular with a young audience and I am sure it will continue to delight aspiring mermaids for the remainder of the performances.

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