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The Railway Children

The Tavonians

Touring in November – The Wharf 16th -17th, Callington Town Hall 20th, Calstock Village Hall 24th, Okehampton Charter Hall 27th

The Tavonians present ‘The Railway Children’, a classic that has lasted throughout the years and still incites joy in modern audiences.

Despite being very familiar with the storyline, as other audience members must have been, the story never grows old and is just as thrilling on each re-telling. From reading the book many would have built up their own idea of how the station should look so the minimal set worked for this story.

The narrative voice passed from character to characters, making E Nesbitt’s words jump straight from page to stage.
The three siblings Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis were played by Florence Pearce-Higginson, Zach Woodward and Amy Willcocks. Each captured the different characteristics within the family. Bobbie, the eldest, was quite serious and took control her brother and sister. Peter, as the boy, clearly missed having his role model Father in his life. Phyllis, the youngest, added humour to the show, and claimed not to know what was happening most of the time. The three interacted exactly as siblings would and portrayed characters easily found in families today.

The Old Gentlemen is a key character to the story and Stuart Waterworth’s soft, grandfatherly voice made you see why the children were so fond of him.

Mr Szypansky, the Russian refugee, was played with great depth by Tim Randell. He conveyed the fear in the character but later showed his humorous personality, which was there all along and was hidden by the character’s anxiousness.

The cast were strong and worked as a team. As the story unfolded the audience fell in love with ‘The Railway Children’ again.

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