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The Tempest

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Members of The Actor’s Wheel take to the stage to perform their first production, William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’, directed by Kevin Johnson. The Company of students from Marjon’s BA(Hons) Acting degree, opted for a physical theatre style but this did not detract from the speech. The lyrical movements during the storm scene were convincing and well thought out as their boat was slowly destroyed.

The play opened with haunting music and lighting, revealing Prospera (Abigail Cowan) who had a clear and captivating speaking voice. Her ability to command the audience’s focus was commendable.

Amber Linney as Trincula achieved a natural delivery of an outdated language, with flawless intonation and an evident grasp on the Shakespearian style. She had great chemistry with Stephano played by Nathan Benjamin. The two played a masterful comedy duo, using their knowledge of physical theatre to create a highly enjoyable performance.

The company innovatively used several actors to play single parts. Ariel the spirit was represented by six actresses, which gave the illusion of a spirit flitting around that stage and causing havoc. In the re-enactment of the storm this effect was at its strongest. The role of Caliban played by John James McColl, Deborah Couch and Sophie Hook was delightfully grotesque and captured the essence of the monster.

The costumes and set design enhanced this earthy and mystical performance. The Actor’s Wheel has entered the theatre scene with new ideas and exciting promise for future performances.

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